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Category: The Cross
Number of Subcategories: 12
The Cruciality of the Cross Files: 2

It’s indisputably the visual symbol of the Christian faith, but why? It’s without the resurrection that our faith is in vain ... so what makes the cross so crucial?

The Cross and the Scriptures Files: 2

Those disciples on the road to Emmaus were mystified: how did Jesus’ death reconcile with the promises of God?

The Shame of the Cross Files: 2

In a culture ruled by the concepts of honour and shame, the proclamation of a crucified Saviour sounded absurd...

The Cross and the Godhead Files: 2

Seven words from the cross—but who was he talking to?

The Cross and Sin Files: 2

Why did Jesus die? That’s obvious, we chorus. We may have been too hasty!

The Cross and the Devil Files: 2

Satan. Lucifer. Beelzebub. The bogeyman. What did the cross mean for the forces of evil? Is the question a sideshow or the main event?

The Cross and the World Files: 2

It’s the middle of history, but also the beginning. For the second time, something is new.

The Cross and the Temple Files: 2

Judge, jury, executioner.

Sinner, sacrifice, saviour.

Religion is remade, and cast into an entirely new form.

The Cross and Resurrection Files: 2

There’s two sides to every story. It’s just that this one has an upside and an upside.

The Cross and the Church Files: 2

We tend to think of how the cross saves me; it’s the event that changes my relationship with God. The Bible, on the other hand, sees a far wider effect on all of us.

The Cross and the Christian Files: 2

So Good Friday rolls around again, and somehow it feels like we’ve been here before. I’ve been rescued, I’ve been what now?

The Cross and the End Files: 2

Do we ever move past the cross?

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