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Category: Colossians - The Sun King
Number of Subcategories: 5
Colossians 1 - In The Kingdom of Light Files: 2

A snapshot of a new kind of relationship - one between strangers who are nevertheless family and fellow citizens - and the gospel that makes it so.

Colossians 1-2 - All Greek To Me Files: 2

At face value, it's confusing. In truth, it couldn't be any simpler. We all orbit the same Son.

Colossians 2 - Subject Matter Files: 1

It's service with a smile!

Colossians 3-4 - Pax Christi Files: 2

All one in Christ Jesus ... but one what?

Colossians 4 - Ambassadors Files: 2

We do not hide our light under a bushel; as citizens of the kingdom of the Son, we reflect his light with increasing glory...

No files available yet for this category!

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