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Nothing But Files: 2

In the beginning, there was God. End of story. And its beginning...

One Creator Files: 2

Since the dawn of time, even those who do not know God have suspected there might be a Creator around here somewhere. There’s a good reason.

One Mediator Files: 2

It could have been simple—but that would have been monochrome. A real creator is never alone.

One With God Files: 2

It’s like the old shell game, except this time the trick is a little different. And it’s not a trick.

Two-Face Files: 2

It’s easy to sympathise with Jesus’ opponents: so often they complain about the right thing ... but at the wrong time. Did Jesus really claim to be God? There’s the rub.

Did The Butler Do It? Files: 2

Sure, some people weren’t sure what happened with Jesus’ corpse, but that doesn’t mean that the gospels should be read as murder mysteries!

Together Forever Files: 2

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. And that’s really good news for the crowd.

In Jesus' Name Files: 2

The Jews have been praying to God for thousands of years. What is it that makes Christian prayer distinctively new, and why does it matter?

Groaning Files: 2

Never know quite what to pray? It’s a design feature!

On the Same Page Files: 2

Prayer gets results... in us!

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