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Category: Psalms - A Song in My Heart
Number of Subcategories: 5
Psalm 110 - Everybodys Favourite Files: 2

The New Testament draws heavily on the Psalms, and this one most of all. What makes it in particular so vital to a Christian’s faith?

Psalm 18 - Wide Open Spaces Files: 2

There is nothing more surprising, nor more inspiring, than to recognise the vehemence with which God loves us—and the times that we’re shown it.

Psalm 67 - Ta Dad Files: 1

God is just so good to us. We should and must be involved in declaring this to the world.

Psalm 73 - If God is So Good, Why is Life So Unfair Files: 1

As Christians we have to learn to walk by faith and not by sight.

Psalm 150 - A Life of Praise Files: 1

It’s not hard to spot the theme of this psalm—but what would it be like for it to also be the theme of our lives?

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