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Category: Ecclesiastes - The Meanness of Life
Number of Subcategories: 6
Ecclesiastes 1-2 - Myst Files: 2

Diamonds are forever, but is this ever true of anything else?

Ecclesiastes 3 - Time and Tide Files: 2

The clock ticks relentlessly on our lives. The wise know what to do with all those moments as they come and go.

Ecclesiastes 4 - The Rat Race Files: 2

Human beings are social animals. And fallen human beings are...?

Ecclesiastes 5-6 - Capital Crimes Files: 2

Money, money, money - it's a rich man's world. Or so it would seem, at first glance.

Ecclesiastes 9-10 - Theres No Justice Files: 2

Seventeen months, science waws calculated: the average age at which we work out that we believe in fairness. Zero months: wheh we give up on it.

Ecclesiastes 11-12 - Remember Files: 2

In the end, what do we have to show for our life? What is it that will leave us satisfied with how we did? A rich life is worth aiming for.

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