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Category: The True Man
Number of Subcategories: 7
Man, Made Files: 2

For all our debate over how we were created, what truly matters is why...

Caught in the Act Files: 2

Noticed how life is always busy? It’s actually part of the plan...

Typecast Files: 2

Men are from Earth, women are from... How do you fill in the blank?

The Patience of Jobs Files: 2

Being busy is fine when everything comes together. When it doesn't, though...

Skin in the Game Files: 2

Jesus was raised in the flesh; clearly, every body matters.

For a Change Files: 1

Why is it that human society is constantly shifting, but the lion has been king of the jungle forever?

The One and Only Files: 2

I'm pretty special, it's true. But so are we all!

No files available yet for this category!

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